Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

My first blog hop. Who would have thought that I could be a virgin again at this age?

It being Valentine’s Day and all, let’s talk about attraction. I can’t speak for all men, but ladies, even for a full-blooded man like myself, it fucking is actually about the personality, not how sluttily you dress. You can have a jaw-dropping cleavage, but if you’re obviously dumb or high-and-mighty cocky, I can lose my hard-on in an instant. Nothing beats a smart, classy woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to show me. If you’re shy, write me a note that says, “Fuck me.” Knowing you are shy but seeing you still communicate that you want me in your own way turns me on even more.

There is such a thing as intellectual high. A woman showing her brain power can make me want to literally fuck her brains out, and some more.

Then there is honesty. If ever there is a woman who can tell me point-blank that she is attracted to another guy and list the reasons, I’m not getting mad. I may get jealous, but in a way that’ll make me improve and earn her and fuck her even harder. While that’s happening, reciprocate. Don’t go crazy because I admire other women too. If I can tell a woman that I’m attracted to another woman because of certain things, it means I truly trust her and feel that she is mature enough to know the difference between my appreciation of other people and my ability to control myself.

One of these damn days, I want a woman who is sure enough of herself, of me, of our relationship to be able to discuss everything with. A woman who I never have to filter my thoughts with, to be myself with.

That’s my ideal of an attractive woman. Be my valentine?

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61 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

  1. Well have to love a guy that knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to say it!! I myself know exactly what I want also and I tend to be out-spoken about it as well. It also seems that it gets me in trouble lol!! I have to agree on intellect, there is nothing worse than someone with shit for brains!! I also tend to comment when I see someone that catches my eye and again(hangs head) lol TROUBLE…. I also think you should be able to discuss all feelings you have without a filter but then again some people just can’t handle it. I also think your other half should be your best friend and you should be able to talk to them about anything. I think if you ever find someone with most of the qualities you are looking for hang onto her. People these days rarely find someone that just totally gets them. So with that being said Happy Hunting for the both of us!! 🙂

  2. Hi! Happy Valentines! Wow! Your post took me by surprise. I loved it! Its interesting to see a mans side of things! ​Thank you for sharing and for ​the amazing giveaway!

  3. Thanks for a great post. I love a man the is sure of himself but not conceited. Personality means a lot to me.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  4. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for the great giveaway.

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