Book Review: The Siren

This is about The Siren (The Original Sinners: The Red Years – Book 1) by Tiffany Reisz.

Short description:

Some love stories you never forget. Some books will change your world. Be prepared… this is one of them.

She tore herself from the man she adored, who transformed her, who possessed her… who would have destroyed her. Now she is adored by a man she must not have. She thinks she knows what it means to be pushed to her limits. She’s wrong.

The Original Sinners Series: The Red Years

Book 1: The Siren

Book 2: The Angel

Book 3: The Prince

Book 4: The Mistress

The Original Sinners continues with The White Years

Book 1: The Saint


My two cents:

This was a daring, controversial book. I loved it.

Just because this happened to be published after the 50 Shades, refrain from dismissing it simply as a “spin off” because that phrase means nothing. Love, sex, pleasure in darker forms have existed eons ago. If this is a spin-off, any and all books on any subject matter is a spin-off. Also, spin-offs do not have to be bad fiction. They can sometimes exceed the artistic values of those that preceded them.

The whole book was well-written. I loved the smart-ass dialogues and the sex scenes were scorching hot.

Not for the feeble-minded. Those who want a gentler introduction to BDSM might want to dig elsewhere, but this was spectacular.

Intrigue, passion, pain and history in each character’s past, and conflict: the way authentic people really are.

The only thing that made me knock off 1 star was the fact that Soren was a Catholic priest in service. Touched a difficult cord there.

4 out of 5 stars in my book.

* * * *