Book Review: Taken by Everyone: Fun at the Concert

This is about Taken by Everyone: Fun at the Concert by Kendra Claire.

Short description:

Some people go to concerts for the music, but not Tobi. She goes for the action in the pit… her own special type of action. The band’s in town tonight, and Tobi’s going to ride the wave–and the gorgeous stallions in the mosh pit–for all they’re worth!

This 4,000-word erotic story contains a sexy young woman, two handsome men, and content so hot that we aren’t allowed to tell you about it in this blurb! Check the “Look Inside” preview for all the steamy details!


My two cents:

This worked well. Nothing too complicated: an adventurous girl went to a live rock concert, picking two men she liked and seduced them to fuck her on-site during the show.

Some practical points were fishy: how security did not clear her and the two guys off the floor, how no one tried to interfere or to join in. But assuming the intercourse was over quickly enough, it could have worked.

This was a short story of 15 pages, Ms. Claire jumped into seduction and the action almost immediately. Nice, hot read.

4 out of 5 stars in my book.

* * * *